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Fair Trade & Organic

Majani (mah-jaa-nii)  insists on highest-quality teas and natural production processes. We work with small-scale cooperatives to ensure that farmers are growing the best teas while practicing organic standards and maintaining sustainability. Our teas are grown and processed without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or genetic modification and are preservative-free.

Tea bushes are usually planted along the hills’ contours where they help to reduce erosion and conserve soil. Since tea in Kenya is produced chemical-free, they also play an important part in reducing groundwater and river pollution, and assist in developing enriched, drought-resistant soil. Our teas are USDA organic certified and are grown in compliance with the standards required for Rainforest Alliance certification. Most of our teas are grown high on the slopes of Mount Kenya – by partnering with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, we ensure the preservation of forest cover in these areas as well as the re-cycling of resources and the conservation of biodiversity.

We source our teas from Fair Trade Certified™ producers because Fair Trade guarantees livable wages for farmers and their families, thus improving their opportunities for better healthcare, housing, and education. By choosing our Fair Trade Certified™ teas, you are directly supporting the livelihood of tea growing communities. We have partnered with cooperatives that pass on all their earnings to the small scale producers, and we as a company and as a company use a sizeable portion of our earnings to support the promotion of organic farming practices and the availability of education and healthcare to the farmers and their families.