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Tea in Kenya

Kenya is one of the oldest tea producers in Africa. Tea was first introduced in 1903, however, commercialization did not start until 1924. Today, Kenya is the biggest exporter of tea in the world, although its actual production pales in comparison to China or India.

The first Kenyan tea seedlings came from the strong, black stock the British had introduced , and Kenya was soon established as the main supplier of the British Empire’s growing demand for this heavy, dark tea.Today, black tea is still the most popular tea, but green, yellow, and white Kenyan teas are gaining a competitive edge.

Tea production in Kenya is divided into large-scale farmers (ca. 40%) and smallholdings (ca. 60%), who run their own tea gardens and sell their teas to cooperatives. We at Majani carefully pick the best and most experienced small-scale producers to source our quality teas.