Thabiti Organic Black Tea

Majani Black TeaBlack tea from Kenya is a favorite of tea lovers everywhere. Majani Thabiti Black Tea is organic and Fair Trade Certified, and its color, body, flavor and aroma are a result of idyllic growing conditions in Kenya.

Black tea, like green, white, and oolong varieties, comes from the leaves of the camillia senensis plant. The black tea variety is generally stronger in flavor than the other tea varieties.

Black tea is not black at all. It actually has a beautiful deep, reddish hue as a result of the processing method of the tea leaves. Black tea receives its characteristics from a process called oxidations. The leaves are plucked, and bruised or torn to induce the oxidization process. The leaves are then placed in a climate controlled room where the process continues and the leaves get darker. The chlorophyll and tannins, the compound that can leave a bitter, dry sensation in the mouth, are broken down and released.

The resulting is a moderately sweet tea. Majani Thabiti has notes of caramel and honey, with a smooth fruity finish of raisins and plum. The low levels of tannins means a smooth finish in every cup.

Black teas are the base for many tea blends, including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast teas.

About the bird: Majani Thabiti tea packaging is adorned with an illustrated bird, the Red and Yellow Barbet. The barbet, Trachyphonus Erythrocephalus, is common throughout Kenya up to elevations of 5,000ft. Males have distinctive black (spotted white), red, and yellow plumage. The females are similar to males but overall much duller. They are often tamed and their feathers are used as adornment by many East African tribes.


Majani Thabiti Black Tea is sure to become a favorite. Thabiti black tea is available at in loose leaf and satchels, in a variety of sizes. Try it today and experience the smooth flavor and irresistible aroma of one of Kenya’s most delightful teas.