Majani Black Tea Shortbread

A good full bodied Majani black tea will impart a wonderful subtle nuttiness with just a hint of malt to the shortbread. 

1        lb unsalted butter

1        cup sugar

4        cups AP flour

2        teaspoons bourbon

4        teaspoons finely ground Kenyan black tea



Cream together cold butter and sugar.   Grind tea in spice grinder until fine but not powdered.  You want some texture left to it.  Add flour, salt, tea and bourbon.  Mix until just pulls together.  Roll out to 1/4” thick and chill.  Cut and bake on parchment or oiled sheetpan at 250 degrees for around 45 minutes.


For a fun change of pace try adding  finely chopped chocolate or a pinch of ground clove or cardamom.


Reduce the sugar by half for a more savory shortbread.  This works very nicely paired for instance with a wedge of blue cheese, some lightly dressed greens and roasted figs.


Recipe by Cynthia Gold – Tea Sommelier at  L’Espalier and Author of Culinary Tea: More than 150 Recipes Steeped in Tradition from around the World.