6 Reasons Why Tea is the Perfect Gift

040813 Majani Teas - Editorial 08This time of year, everyone has gift giving on their minds. Not only do we exchange gifts with our friends, co-workers and family, but we have hostess gifts to consider. No one wants to show up at a party empty handed. And December is nothing if not full of parties.

We happen to think that tea makes a perfect gift for everyone on your list, even if they don’t regularly drink tea. That’s right – everyone could use some tea. And not just because of the delicious taste and health benefits.

Here are our top six reasons why tea is the perfect gift:

1. Some People Don’t Buy Themselves Nice Tea

Gifts are a chance for you to give someone fancier, more expensive and better tasting versions of their favorite foods. People who don’t think twice about indulging others would never consider treating themselves to gourmet tea. That’s where you come in. Tuck a tin of tea in someone’s stocking and they’ll get to enjoy it for weeks.

2. Tea is the world’s most popular drink.

The only drink more popular than tea is water. When you give tea as a hostess gift, they can serve it to their guests at the end of the evening, or drink it the next morning as they recover from the party excitement. If someone doesn’t drink tea themselves, they know several people who do. Every pantry needs some tea. Not sure which kind of tea they like best? Buy a variety pack.

3. Tea is soothing.

Although tea contains caffeine, drinking it is much more relaxing than other caffeinated beverages. Coffee and soda are not for relaxing. But tea is. Everyone you know is suffering from holiday stress this time of year, between going to parties, shopping for the perfect gift and holiday baking. Who couldn’t use a break? Drinking a cup of tea can give anyone a mini-vacation.

4. Tea is healing.

What would you rather drink when you have a cold – coffee or tea? The coffee may give you the huge jolt of caffeine you need to get to the office, but tea will soothe your sore throat and help clear your stuffed nose. Even people who never touch tea could use a cuppa in the winter months.

5. Tea Doesn’t Spoil

As long as it’s properly stored, tea will never go bad. So if your friend is likely to put away your gift for when they have company, or for a special occasion because it’s so nice, tea is the perfect gift for them. The tea will last forever tucked away in the kitchen cabinet, unlike the box of fancy chocolates your mom put away and forgot about last year. And that means you can keep some on hand for unexpected hostess gifts all year long.

6. Tea Doesn’t Need to be Dusted

No one could use more knick knacks for their coffee table/book shelf/nightstand. Cute figurines just take up space, leaving less room for your tea cup. Food gifts like tea get stored in the kitchen until they’re all gone. But with some food gifts, you run the risk of triggering someone allergy to nuts, chocolate, gluten, and so on. But tea allergies are rare, and if you do give tea to someone who’s allergic, they can still keep it around for guests.

What makes tea such a perfect gift is that it’s suitable for so many people. You can take care of several people on your gift list by buying them tea – so less shopping stress for you. Shop now.