5 Tea Bloggers We Love

Majani Tea discusses what makes Kenyan Teas uniqueMaybe you’re searching for the perfect tea to drink all day, every day. Maybe you want to try every tea under the sun so you can discover some favorites. Maybe you’re sick of listening to people talk about coffee, coffee, coffee, and you want to chat about tea for a change. Maybe you want to learn more about different varieties of tea, or how to pronounce them.

There are loads of reasons to read tea blogs. But which ones? Here are five of our favorites.

Teaspoons & Petals

Teaspoons & Petals is written by tea expert Alexis Siemons. She creates recipes that use tea, go with tea and can be added to tea (like candied rose petals). She also writes about individual teas and tea and cheese pairings (your new favorite snack), all in a warm, authoritative tone. Dip into the archives for posts about gifts and tools.

If you’re looking to get creative with tea, this is the blog for you.

Tea For Me Please

Written by New Jersey native Nicole Martin, Tea For Me Please features tea reviews, book reviews, and tales of her tea-related adventures. Some of us wish we could get together with friends to brew tea in the park, but she actually does it. She updates the blog frequently, so this is the blog for when you want a new best friend who loves tea even more than you do.

Nicole also does a podcast discussing how to make different types of tea and how to say the names of certain varieties.

SororiTEA Sisters

SororiTEA Sisters is all about the reviews. As a group blog, it offers a variety of voices who all share a love of tea. The sisters can guide you as you build a collection of different teas for different moods, or search for the oolong of your dreams. They strive to be objective, while realizing that taste is subjective. Their flavor descriptions are evocative enough to let you know whether or not you’d like to give a specific tea a try.

This is the blog for when you want to try new teas without ending up with box after box of tea you don’t like enough to finish.

World of Tea

Do you want to learn more about tea? Whether you already know a little or a lot, Tony Gebely’s World of Tea is the place to go. Aside posts about tea processing, preparation and fermentation, you’ll find posts about how Tony incorporated tea in his wedding ceremony, and the Bay Area tea scene. He’s also working on a book about tea that will be out later this year.

Tea DB

TeaDB is for those of us who prefer our tea reviews in vlog form. Watch friends James Schergen and Denny Chapin chat while preparing and tasting a new tea every week. Every other week, they post an informative blog post. They’re not experts, so they’re learning along with their viewers.

What are your favorite tea blogs? Tell us in the comments.